Types of aquarium fish

The aquarium in the sense of the population should be a little “underutilized”. Learn how many centimeters to grow those fish, which you have chosen for contents, and make a simple calculation: for every two centimeters of body length (caudal fin not considered) should have no less than a liter of water. To populate the aquarium it is better not adults, and young fish, they can adapt to the conditions. We can recommend swordtail, platies, spotted catfish, blue and black neon, cardinal, erythrozonus, ternario, fiery and scarlet barbs. A community of these fish is a whimsical set of shapes and colors.

Which fish to get ?

A decisive factor in the selection of fish should be the size of the aquarium. To bring you joy, the fish with the necessary conditions of existence.

Need to find out how many of them can hold your aquarium. Usually the calculations are made based on the requirements to the oxygen flow rate based on the ratio of the length of adult fish (without a tail) to the area of the surface of the aquarium:

Freshwater fishes length 2.5 cm 192 cm2 is necessary for cold-water species and 64 cm2 for tropical.

Marine fishes on each individual length of 2.5 cm 18L of water withdrawn in the first six months of life and 9 liters — the rest of the time.

For nekotoruyu the density depends on what area of the individual recognize his or her own. In this case, the aquarium, the scope of which is defined by the formula, will contain fewer fish.

Determine which species of aquarium fish is on sale.

Prepare a list of those that seem attractive and which you would like to purchase.

If you find some inconsistency between the size of the aquarium fish compatibility with each other and your idea of an underwater mini-Paradise, a wide selection will allow you to make the final list of candidates.

The science knows more than 22 thousand species of fish, grouped into 62 unit, 550 families. Their number exceeds the number of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined. Of course, not all fish can be kept in the aquarium. But nevertheless, the world of aquarium fish are very diverse.

The most common types of aquarium fish are described below.

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