The main methods of intensification of pond fish farms are feeding fish and fertilizing ponds with increased stocking density of fish per unit water area. Natural forage base of the…

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The rest of the "Marine aquarium"
Sometimes after a hard working week want of some special guests. Is it possible to have a rest so that on Monday happy to go to work? Not an easy…

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The most dangerous sharks

Typically, most people think of sharks as huge ferocious carnivorous fish with very sharp teeth. However, to fit this description all 370 different species of this family does not succeed – between 11-meter whale shark and a six-inch dwarf shark is a huge difference.

Also not be wrong to mention that many people see sharks as monsters, do not hesitate to attack humans at every opportunity. This is largely shaped by the movies. However, the angels of these predators is difficult to call, as attacks on humans do occur, and in most cases involved the following 9 species of sharks:

Great white shark

The most famous and terrifying shark, part-time and is the largest predatory fish on the planet.

More than half of all attacks on people are from that view. Fortunately, most attacks are not fatal, since they are due to curiosity, and, as a consequence of the desire to “eat” the interested object. Of course, this is not encouraging news for the victims of the attacks, but it is important to understand that the person is not interested in the white shark as prey.

In nature its diet is limited to seals, sea lions, small toothed whales, carrion, and turtles.

This fish ranks second in the list of the most feared sharks that attack people. Its name it received from analicia vertical stripes on the body of young individuals, and, perhaps because of the nature.

The tiger shark is known as “scavenger” in her stomach found sea snakes, stingrays, squid and birds, but even old tires and license plates. In addition, powerful jaws help them to grind the shells of mollusks and the shells of sea turtles.

Considered the most aggressive species of sharks. It can even live in fresh water, and occurs even in rivers. The name of the bull shark got through the pugnacious temper and a short blunt muzzle.

The prey of this fish are almost everything that moves: fish, dolphins, other sharks. With people predator often, because it lives in shallow waters where people swim and.

Sand tiger shark

It looks quite fierce, which is the fault of large, sticking out all over the teeth. However, sharks are usually not aggressive and attacks humans only if it for a long time pester.

Sand tiger shark has a conical snout and unusual shape of the tail, the upper half of which is much longer than the lower. Quite often it can be found in the immediate vicinity of the coast.

The origin of the name of this species on entirely clear and is probably connected with the word “hurse,” which is translated from the old English means “bottom shark”.

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