The most dangerous fish of the world

One of the most unexpected places on the planet where man is danger, consider not only the sea, and conventional reservoirs in which also are found the most dangerous fish. It turns out that to face the most dangerous fish you can even in the most ordinary and harmless in our view lakes, shorelines and rivers. Paku (North America, Asia) – fish, reaching a length of about one meter and weighs more than 25 kg. this fish is just horrendous teeth. They are almost like human. And this set of teeth for eating algae…Initially the Pak dwelt in the waters of the Amazon. Today it can be found in North America, and Asia.The reason for this distribution was the permit for sport fishing.

The big scary fish is called Ki-ganetskogo pilialoha Stingray . Polarily giant Stingray can turn any prey into mincemeat. This long slope of 7 meters. He also is armed by nature, a 3-meter nose with huge sharp blades. Scat on people not to hunt, but his poor eyesight. And if you encroach on his territory, he will immediately be able to see you and take for a stranger. Now the largest individuals of this species can be found in lakes and rivers. But, unfortunately, this sea “the Ripper” may disappear because of human intervention.

Another dangerous fish of the world include olivkovoe (North America). It is long about 1,5 metres and weighs more than 120 kg. Is one of the largest fish that occurs in North America. It eats mammals, other fish and waterfowl. Olive som like lightning attacks on the prey and immediately tears it to pieces. Som is hidden in a secluded and dark crevices of the river and various large reservoirs located throughout the continent. The most disturbing and the fact that the fish grow all their lives. And maybe somewhere soma olive swim the length of a man.

The most terrible and gigantic fish – Atlantic grouper . This fish, perhaps most of all frightens one of its kind. She can swallow almost anything that moves. Grouper terribly gluttonous. Weight – 450 kg, and its mouth reaches to a length of 5 meters. It is said that this giant is not against the “eat” and people.

Probably not everyone will want to swim again in the beautiful pond, when he finds out who he may encounter. And there can be haratine-vampires, palorinya rays, scary red PACU, snake-headed…In a big water world sharks not only threaten the health and life of man.