The food chain, Sea
"Natural systems" - Global. The continents and oceans. Zonal natural complexes. Savannah. The natural areas. Climate. Taiga. Major. The lower part of the atmosphere. Flora. The Arctic desert. "Component"-in translation…

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The fish of the sea cock
Gurnard – sea predatory fish that lives in warm seas around the world. Fish contained in the aquarium. However, for correct content you need to know the specifics of its…

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The inhabitants of the sea and ocean underwater inhabitants of the oceans

Ocean life is very interesting. Who lives at the bottom of the ocean, where the very deep? Let’s try to find out more.

Flying fish accelerates under water, jumps out, spreads in the air fins-wings, and flies a little silver airplane. She is saved from the enemies. Tens or even hundreds of meters can fly high above the water fish-plane. That’s just to steer it in the air can not and sometimes casually flops on the deck of the ship.

Stingrays. In the body of a Stingray hidden something like living batteries. A lot of them. Individually weak, and all of us together make quite a strong current. Their electrical weapons SKAT sets in motion, if feeling threatened or while hunting. The kick is so strong that instantly kills the fish. And man can knock out. But there are live batteries an instant. Long then the slope has to accumulate electricity.

Hermit crab is looking for a an empty shell. And settled in it, only the claws and whiskers are sticking out. So, together with a house at the bottom and travels. But if grows up and becomes a small house, he found another, great.

Octopus. “Feet” they are growing directly from your scalp. An octopus has eight legs, but it is not Nagios, but rather the hands-tentacles with suction cups that are easy to grab prey. Touches the octopus tentacles to crab or fish – then the prey will stick to pricescan. In case of danger, the octopus swims very fast. Put your feet together and rushes. He has his own jet engine. The octopus takes water into a special water bag, then with the force of her pushes and swims fast in the opposite direction.

Fish-jumpers often emerge from the water, settle on the bushes and even on the trunks and branches of trees. A few hours will stay on land – and as if nothing had happened again in the water.

Flat as a pancake, fish is always flounder lives on the bottom of the sea. Lies and glances upward – not floating does to her prey. To be invisible, flounder changes its color: yellow to yellow sand, hide in the dark silt – and she would darken, and the colorful stones very colorful.

Swordfish fish promptly bursts into the joint, and strikes his sword right and left. The blow of her sword so strong it can penetrate the side of the ship.

Fish-the strap is long and flat and the length can reach nine meters. This is a silvery-pink fish with a scarlet crown on the head is also called the king of herring – she loves to swim at the head of the herring.

Fish of the Black sea
The fauna of the Black sea is varied and unusual. Their total number is sufficiently large. Many of the species listed in the Red book. There are some that are…


Predatory and peaceful fish
Carnivorous (lat. Carnivora — "flesh-eating") is a detachment of the placental mammals ( Mammalia ), consisting of sub-units dog-like family ( Caniformia ) and maskoobraznym ( Feliformia ). 11 modern…

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