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Fish of the Black sea

The fauna of the Black sea is varied and unusual. Their total number is sufficiently large. Many of the species listed in the Red book. There are some that are of great importance in fisheries. Some live here permanently, or come seasonally.

All the fish in the Black sea can be divided into two categories: cartilage and bone. Mainly it is home to bony fish, cartilaginous only four species. These include manta rays, stingrays, and cat sharks spiny. Can be found as freshwater species, and marine.


The body of the fish is elongated, laterally flattened and covered with thick scales. Can be big or little size. Thermophilic fish, leading an active lifestyle from may to September. Moves to warmer places. Has a great industrial value.


Fish length 20 cm, with an elongated body and long scales. On the chin are clearly visible antennae. During the breeding season from July to September. In the middle of autumn it migrates South.

The greenfinch

Color gray-green or green. The body length of no more than 12 see Industrial does not matter.


Medium-sized fish, seaweed selects places in the coastal zone. It feeds on small invertebrates. People fish for shrimp by fishing.

Sea swallow

Fish received nazvanitsa carved tail fin. Color black and purple near the eyes are slightly blue. They live in coastal areas near the rocks. On the number of fish affected by the purity of the water in which they live.

Sea needle

Long fish, perfectly camouflaged among the algae. Industrial does not matter. Moves with the help of small fins.


A very unusual fish, slow by nature. Hides from predators in the seaweed, masquerading as their appearance. Listed in the Red book.


Fish, which can long time to be without water. Due to the slippery body moves along the shore to the sea. Living near the shore on the rocks. Feeds on small crustaceans and shrimp.


In the Black sea there are about 20 species of these fish. Bullhead has no scales. On the rocks is held in place by suction cups, formed by the coalescence of the two lower fins.


Predatory fish of the sturgeon family. Has a long snout curved in shape. Can reach a length of 2 meters and about 30 kg of weight. Rare protected species, despite their palatability fishing it is not recommended.

It’s not all fish species living in the Black sea. The fauna is varied and interesting. Ichthyologists study the peculiarities of the migration of certain fish.

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