Predatory and peaceful fish
Carnivorous (lat. Carnivora — "flesh-eating") is a detachment of the placental mammals ( Mammalia ), consisting of sub-units dog-like family ( Caniformia ) and maskoobraznym ( Feliformia ). 11 modern…

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Marine aquarium
A saltwater aquarium, unlike freshwater aquarium, is designed to content of different marine life. In addition, these aquariums are much more interesting and beautiful. The disadvantage of marine aquariums is…

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The variety of aquarium fish

What sizes, shapes and colors do not exist in nature among the inhabitants of the underwater world! To date there are over two thousand known species of fish, and how many more hidden in the unexplored depths of the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

Nothing compares the beauty of marine fish. The nature endowed them with so amazing colors that only wonder. And still people continue to surprise with new discoveries. So, for example, recently found one more new species of fishes, representatives of which glow in the dark like fireflies – amazing fish!

Unfortunately, to keep saltwater fish in aquariums is very difficult. Until recently, the presence of marine aquariums even zoos were considered “aerobatics” aquarium. Only in those countries where there was direct access to sea water, could be seen in aquariums of marine fish, and even then, the most common and less whimsical. As for what to say about the countries where sea can be seen only on TV!

Therefore, in Uzbekistan there are only a few dozen marine aquariums (including the Tashkent zoo ). But they already have! This means that marine aquarium is developing and becoming more available.

It is still necessary to remind you that the aquarium hobby,as a science and hobby of millions of people, got its start with the content of freshwater fish, and perhaps now it has reached its peak. In modern aquariums, you can see the amazing beauty of freshwater aquarium fish, about which earlier and to dream it was not necessary. But now they not only contain, but also successfully bred!

In recent decades, were discovered and described new species, and now they can often be found in aquariums lovers. This is especially true gorgeous colorful tetras and African cichlids.

But despite the adaptation of many common species to aquarium conditions, it should be remembered that even the simplest and cheapest of fish requires certain conditions, and they need to know to Amateur aquarists.

In this section we, again, talk about it! And yet, we reveal some of the secrets that allow aquarists, especially beginners, to avoid the various setbacks and disappointments.

The inhabitants of the seabed
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Catfish: aquarium species
Almost all members of the family of catfish unpretentious, so they are recommended even for beginner aquarists. But still some features to care for them. In a group of catfish…

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