Aquarium fish, Aquatic plants

What is the aquarium? If someone, without thinking, decides that it is a vessel filled with water in which they live beautiful exotic fishes floating on a background of bizarre vegetation, it is of course wrong.

Aquarium (from the Latin words aqua — water) is first of all a small copy of any private water body (pond, lake) that is designed for keeping and breeding of aquatic animals and plants and observing them life and development, and the life in it flows in the same biological laws. So the classes of the aquarium is the cognition of life interesting and varied species of fish and aquatic plants, a window to the natural world.

The life of nature is an amazing, challenging, interesting and varied in all its manifestations. Love and interest in nature makes us play a “piece of nature” in a small vessel — the aquarium, delivering great aesthetic pleasure.

Winter and summer, spring and fall we see part of the underwater world, living a special, unique life. Here you can watch an amazing variety of colors and shapes of animals, their behavior, amazing adaptability to the different conditions of life.

Slowly float like a half-moon angelfish, rapidly sweep striped like zebras, danushka, are still under water pike:sapere and lineatus. In a small pit of sand, or under stones arrange a nest of cichlasoma, on the water surface from air bubbles build its nest caring fathers labyrinth fish, popping out of the water and lay eggs on leaves or on the glass of the aquarium kopein incubated the eggs in her mouth pelmatochromis Gunther.

In a properly equipped aquarium, contains a certain amount of fish and plants suited to each other in terms of content. It sets a certain temperature, light, biological “balance”, which is under the constant control of the aquarist. In most cases, there is no need to replace the water in the aquarium for many months, and sometimes years.

Having made the decision to do the hobby, you should know that it is closely related, in theory and practice. Both need to be learning at the same time. That’s why at our website in a concise and accessible form are given both theoretical and practical information, based on the experience of the authors: how to take up the device of the aquarium and handle the case so that was not offensive breakdowns, frustrations and even disappointments, what and how to do it yourself, where to be smart.