As I was catching catfish on a Donk

Today I will tell you about soma, but rather about fishing for catfish, which happened last spring in the lower water of the Volga. The fishing was very exciting. Instead of the usual traditional fishing, or fishing with Kwok, I decided to use bottom gear. This is not the first experience of catching catfish on a Donk, so I was more or less ready for it.

We gathered early in the morning and went to the river. Get to your destination before the sun came up. After a while, we were ready to start fishing. Before throwing, they had to decide what to catch catfish. In principle, som can eat anything. After the winter, the som behaves very inactive, and to awaken in him the interest can be quite difficult. Use a feeder, in my opinion, makes no sense. We don’t need other fish. I caught frogs, baited on three of the donkey and threw all the gear. Began a long wait. While waiting for the bite, I thought, how better to attract the fish. I had not even thought to catch some other fish. Fishing for catfish for me this is a unique event. Unfortunately, not always to catch catfish. It is not always possible to use Kwok, and it is not always effective. For small catfish, Kwok is something frightening, and no one knows why.

One and a half hours of waiting, rang the bell of the last rod, and I did the cutting.The fight lasted a very long time, fish strongly resisted fortunately I managed to catch her after 15 or 20 minutes. After that I put live cancer on all three of the donkey and made casts. This time to wait for a bite I had not so long. Com is without a doubt the catfish took the bait, I thought. I was not mistaken. It was difficult. Pulled catfish up to thirty pounds. Today’s fishing has taught me one thing – don’t throw too far, because the playing can be quite complex. Lucky that catfish to 30 pounds, no more. If more had, most likely, to cut the braid. Only if you use a sturdy rod and strong braid you can throw away and lead a strong fight with a big catfish. The result was good. 2 soma 30 and 10 pounds were caught by me on this fishing trip. Unfortunately, I failed to catch anything more, I am sure that this is not the last fishing for catfish in this pond.

To understand the preferences of soma very hard but do not give up, you need to find the approach to each fishing trip.