Sea catfish
Catfish – fish is very useful for those who first starts the aquarium. They are known for their ability to eat up leftover food and thus help clean the aquarium.…

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The inhabitants of the garden ponds
The fact that it is extremely difficult to see in the natural world, can be available if you decide to have fish in your garden pond. The observation of the…

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Lean fish in the diet

Primarily a lean fish, you need to buy those moms who have little kids. Fish in the river often caught many bones, so this fish is impossible to give a young child, he can, first, choking, and, secondly, it will stop him hunting to eat fish dishes in the future. That’s why tasty menu for year-old child should include dishes made with marine species.

Fish, fat content which is less than four, it’s haddock, cod, Pollock, saffron cod, Pollock, flounder, whiting, river perch, polar cod, bream, perch, roach, mullet. Low-fat varieties of sea fish contain a lot of protein, about 15%, and it provides the body with all necessary amino acids. In lean fish the high content of iodine, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, selenium, vitamins of group B. moreover, in marine fish has more iodine than that which is found in fresh waters.

Also, buying low-fat fish, mommy can prepare meals for themselves because it is low calorie, and women are always concerned about their weight.

It is important to remember that the fish accumulates fat during spawning, so even the low fat varieties will be more caloric than you expect. Cod is a very lean fish, while in the liver, 70% fat, the meat of cod is very useful, but to eat it carefully. In cod there is no cholesterol, it is 19% protein, in meat to contain phospholipids, but also it has no small bones muscle. To the family of cod are also whiting and coalfish.

Fish cakes for a child under one year can be prepared from the meat of Alaska Pollack, it was tender, but its nutritional value is not inferior to treskova. Despite the fact that saffron is a lean fish, fillets coarse and largely inferior in taste characteristics, such as the flounder, which is very popular among Housewives who love cooking for their family culinary delights. In the flounder no small bones, and high in protein – 18%.

Low-fat varieties of freshwater fish is bream, crucian carp, carp, roach, silver carp, carp, Chub, tench, but because this fish has many small bones, it can be prepared the ear for a one year old child. and the broth left bone, it can be strained through a fine metal strainer.

The Sevastopol marine aquarium
Group decorative landscape modeling Sevastopol marine aquarium professionally engaged in the creation of artificial landscapes for zoo - and water parks, aquarium and Museum exhibits. Our group also has extensive…


Encyclopedia of aquarium - fish tanks, plants, care, feeding, keeping and breeding aquarium fish
My aquarium fishes - a complete version of the electronic encyclopedia aquarist in Russian. Detailed, colorfully illustrated guide that will be extremely useful to all beginning hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts…

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