Bait for catching predatory fish – tips from fish

In the menu of all predators of small fish occupies an important place. But first to catch her. The easiest thing to do with a light rod or lift. In perspective places the net is lowered into the water, wait a few minutes, and then raise along with the prey. Bait of slightly moistened bread crumbs, or powdered milk attracts fish trifle to the lift. The little thing caught and the fishing rod with a dull snap (fishing line diameter 0.12 mm, hooks № 16-20) with one small maggots on the hook. If during the catch of “small things” only come across large specimens, then the predator can be caught on a piece of fish. It is possible to catch pike, perch, eel or perch. The pieces should be long and narrow. They are cut from the sides of the fish, making the first cut behind the gills, and then slitting the fish with a sharp knife along the spine to the tail. The piece is pierced with the hook once the end in bold. The disadvantage of such a nozzle is that it quickly loses taste quality is “washed out” and has to be replaced every half an hour.

If you capture a fish with corn seed on the sting, it does not fly off the hook during power casting.

Chrysochloridae from the corner of his mouth and picks reliable eel and Zander (2).

Method of draping a fish depends on what predator it are going to catch. If eel and perch, stick her with a Packed needle. The loop of the leash is inserted into the needle hole and is passed through the mouth of a dead fish, the Central bone of the ridge, and again output to the outside between the anus and the root of the tail. The hook is placed in the mouth. Grabbing a rope, the predator will certainly sections should be noted with myself.

When fishing in the river fish should be put over the nostril to it naturally behaved on the course. Dead fish attached to the hook at the back, in the flowing water look unnatural. If you stick fish at the nostril, when power casting bait for fishing may be off the hook. This will help avoid the stopper is a piece of rubber, put on the sting. If not at hand will be the rubber, can be used instead of the hard grain of corn.

So in the water was more fragrant tissue fluid, the experts make on the body of the fish on both sides of the vertical incisions.

Aromatic attack: British experts on catching of predatory fish attractant injected under the skin of a dead fish.

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