Aquarium fish

“The world fish” – Fish-needle. Think about why the so-called marine fish? Dorsal fin. Who attracted the attention of a dragonfly? Light, 2008. Marine fish. Aquarium fish. Carp. Pectoral fin. the teacher of initial classes. Disminuci. Svetly secondary school. Pike. Water is the habitat of the fish.

“Ocean animals” – Only in the Global ocean, home to 40 species delfinoverde. Bottlenose dolphins are especially numerous on the Eastern shores of the United States, and the Mediterranean and Black seas. Dolphins-dolphins live in temperate and warm waters of the Pacific ocean. The shark swims along the ocean is not one. Let us talk about Guinea pigs. Abstract.

“World aquarium” – learning the verses. To expand children’s knowledge about aquarium fish and plants. Organization of trips to the pet store. Holiday “Housewarming fish”. The cartoon “finding Nemo”. The purchase of fish, plants, fodders, aquarium, necessary equipment for care. The knowledge of the underwater world through research and project activities.

“Structure fish” – the Science of studying fishes … General characteristics of fish. The ability to dissolve different substances by the sense of smell Fluidity – neuromasts. Body shape – spherical. Laboratory work.”The external structure and especially the movement of fish.” Goal. Able to feel drop of blood for a few hundred meters. Fish – urchin.

“Aquarium” – Swordsman. Catfish. Topic: Aquarium is a small artificial ecosystem. The aquarium is a small artificial ecosystem. Scalars. Guppy. Aquarist – a person who breeds fish. Give carbon dioxide and mineral substances, and get the oxygen and organic matter. Captain Cousteau. Pescia. Fern.

“Freshwater fish” – Pike – a predatory freshwater fish waters. The tail fin and the fins are red. Carp. Sea bass is a relative of the perch river and has a red color. The body of the catfish is covered with a thick layer of mucus. Sharks – predators. Marine fish: herring, cod, shark, grouper, flounder and others. Don’t go out and fly, But try to keep up!