Breeding sturgeon fish

Sturgeon are a family of valuable commercial fish, include such species: sturgeon, Beluga, sturgeon, barbel, etc.

There are two ways of cultivation of sturgeon fish: extensive and intensive. If the extensive method of breeding in natural water produce larvae that have already come to the active power. For the application of the intensive method is needed in the pond to put the grown the fry, their weight is 2-3 grams. They are more protected from bugs, predators and the extent of their survival is higher than in the larvae.

Larvae of sturgeons receive when conducting natural spawning: ponds with a depth of 35-50 cm, in the spring fill with water and run back sturgeon females and males. Their number depends on the size of the reservoir and characteristics of the sturgeon species.

At the end of the spawning period females and males removed from the reservoir, and the larvae, after their transition to active feeding, or placed in natural rearing ponds.

However, this method is characterized by some disadvantages, for example, during the sharp cooling of larvae and eggs in the pond may die. Quite often together with producers in a pond are entered the causative agents of various diseases, resulting in many dying the eggs of aquatic insects, amphibians, etc.

When iskusstvovedeniya sturgeon fertilized eggs are placed in fish-breeding apparatuses, which are a different design wrapped in a metal mesh. Install them into the pond, where the larvae develop.

There is also a factory method of cultivation of sturgeon fish. Indoors set the incubation apparatus. Caviar in such devices is suspended, supported by constant circulation of water.

For artificial breeding of sturgeon manufacturers are caught in natural ponds, near the incubation workshops. Then among these fish select producers ready to spawn.

The artificial method will be more effective if the larvae first grow in ponds or cages until three or four months of age. Then the survival of fry will increase significantly.

To improve the productivity of the ponds is carried out acclimatization. Such include the introduction and acclimatization. When the acclimatization – the universe in a new pond species survives well and is able to breed, and when introductions (deliberate relocation of fish beyond the natural range into new waters, that is their introduction to the ecosystem of alien species) – fish reproduction impossible.

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