The pond at the dacha with his own hands – care for your pond throughout the year

We are pleased to offer gardeners calendar works, which contains the main types of work to care for your garden pond.

Of course, the amount of work will depend on on the size of your pond, as well as the complexity of the device. If your pond has structures such as a waterfall or equipment such as a pump, and if in the pond live frogs and fish, caring for them will require more attention.

From March to may you must remove the network stretched on it in the autumn, to test the waterproofing where necessary – repair. You have to clear a pond from silt, pond walls should be cleaned of algae.

The care and the plants growing in the coastal area. It is also a good time for planting new plants and transplanting overgrown last summer.

The basic operation of the pond – June through August. This will require you and physical costs of caring for a pond. You should carefully monitor the growth of pond plants. Can plant new and replant old ones enlarged.

The pond at the dacha with his own hands – care for your pond throughout the year

Don’t forget to feed the nymphs and the water lilies. Observe the water level in the pond, as needed – add, if the pond dries quickly. Add only clean, settled water. If you are not able sleditza the water level in the pond and one day, returning after an absence will see that the pond has dried up – do not despair. Aquatic plants for pond usually normally tolerate a short “drought”. You have to do is pour water and they will produce new green shoots.

You need to regulate the growth of algae is best done with a rake regularly clean the pond of excess algae. Carefully check the removed algae for the presence of snails. found snails return back to the pond.

In September-November you will need to carefully monitor the plants in the pond and the time to remove dead. Also, before leaf fall will need to put a net over the pond. to keep fallen leaves. There are pond plants that require disembarking from the pond for the winter and storage at zero temperature. They should be dug up and transplanted into tubs before the first frost. Also at this time you will need to remove all equipment in the pond. Thus you will prepare your pond for the winter.

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