About aquarium fish

Breeding aquarium fish has long ceased to be a children’s hobby or adult hobby. Keep an aquarium at home or at work nice and prestigious. Design of aquariums and their internal design are astonishingly varied, so you can select a model that will fit into any decor and meets Your aesthetic needs.

The world of aquarium fish is incredibly versatile, in addition it involves a lot of interesting facts . some of them You can learn by watching their Pets.

For example, catfish lovers know that sometimes these fish are floating belly up. For catfish – shapeshifters this is not a sign of poor health, for them this is normal. In addition, there are nagging catfish using pectoral fins and the swim bladder emits a croaking or creaking sounds.

Very interesting fish is a fish-knife or otherwise known as apteronotus belamimovie. It does not have pectoral and dorsal fin, but the anal fin she deftly floats back and forth. Fish often fight and lose body parts, but fear not, apteronotus well developed tissue regeneration. Note that the fish likes night lifestyle.

Not less curious fish that has a multimillion-dollar development history. For example, polyptera belong to the group of the most primitive fish, but they can “go down”in a vertical position. It is noteworthy that the fish skeleton consists mainly of cartilage, and the pectoral fins have bones. Their serpentine body covered with scales in the form of rhombs, so alone they are very similar to lizards, especially when you get up on the fins, up and thus move along the bottom.

Did You know that anastomose when swimming and at rest are upside down. The horizontal position they occupy only escape. They usually hide in thickets of aquatic plants. In the natural environment the biological anastomose live in conditions unsuitable for other fishes.

This is not the last article with interesting facts about aquarium fish. Watch for updates in the website.