My crazy Hobbies: swimming with sharks

There are many ways to tickle your nerves. Perhaps one of the most striking is to be close to the perfect predator in its habitat. For example, with the shark under water. There are two ways to get in touch with the sea dweller with a sharp character and a bad image. The first is immersion in a special steel cage. Design protects against teeth and bad intentions shark, so this dive is almost safe and recommended either for beginners or in cases where “chat” is potentially dangerous predator.

Only those recognized as dangerous species of sharks, “lethality” which at once confirmed and registered. These include the following types: polar shark, the bull shark, shark, brown shark, blue, or blue shark, oceanic whitetip shark, white Opera shark, bull shark, tiger shark, sand shark, shark-Fox, mackerel shark, Mako shark, great white shark, nurse shark, Zebra shark, hammerhead, sevengill shark. Of course, everything is relative. The divers recognize the real danger that comes only from a few species, among which: the great white shark, tiger shark, Zambezi shark and some others. But in any case it should be remembered that much bite or just to injure moretlwa shark.

The second method is an ordinary diving diver’s common equipment (a small bonus – a special “shark” Billy clubs are not used by all) and with the instructor as a professional.

Where is the best place to meet fearsome shark? There are three unique “zones”. The first (infamous) – coast of Australia, namely: Dangerous reef (Dangerous Reef), North and South Neptunalia Islands and little English and Cibse. There is a whole infrastructure for the needs of thirsty tourists adrenaline. The first group of Amateur divers arrived in Adelaide (South Australia) in February 1976 specifically to dive with great white sharks. This sortie was followed by a series of expeditions, which are now legends. The expedition was headed then by the renowned Australian diver Rodney Fox.