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Predatory aquarium fish

Quote: “Who wants to live must fight. And who doesn’t want to resist in this world
eternal struggle, he has no right to life”.
Dear reader, this article focuses on the predators freshwater aquarium. Online wanders a lot of tall tales on the subject, to the extent that Angelfish is fierce predators of the aquarium.
Therefore, before to lay out our selection of predatory fish, let us define the concepts.
All animals can be divided into carnivores and herbivores:
CARNIVOROUS – those who feed exclusively on meat.
HERBIVORES are those who eat only plants.
Now it is worth noting the fact that in nature is very rare to find a PREDATORY ANIMAL that eats only meat. For example, cats! Cats are predators, but all the happy owners of Barsik and Murzik know that their Pets love to chew grass and house plants.
Same situation is with fish. In a huge aquarium the Kingdom very hard to find “fish masueco”. Perhaps that would not. Do not renounce, but in the diet of all aquarium fishes includes both plant and animal food.
From the above we can conclude – PREDATORY AQUARIUM FISH in the true sense of the word does not exist. Speaking of chasnosti fish most likely appropriate the word aggression. But aggression has its own trick question – after all, even guppies exhibit intraspecific aggression, although predators they by no means pull.Thus, it is possible to deduce a vector of understanding the phrase: “PREDATORY AQUARIUM FISH” is overly aggressive, large, territorial aquarium fish, a diet which is predominantly meat diet.
the skeleton in the aquarium
(photo and description)

Many people know that the family of Cichlidae fish are mostly aggressive, territorial fish, especially this statement relates to African cichlids. In some species of cichlids, there is fierce intraspecific aggression, which manifests itself not only in males, in relation to each other, but even between male and female, for example, as Labeotropheus Trewavas. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the joint content of female and male is simply not possible, as, the last to death scores individual of the opposite sex.

predatory fish astronotus
Oscar is the most popular and common cichlid with a predatory disposition. Large, aggressive fish, contain which is best in a species tank and a pair of. All small neighbors astronotus perceive as food. And with the major kinds constant skirmishes. To adult couple, someone to plant almost unreal.
The fish can reach 35 cm. The birthplace of asteronotus is in the Amazon basin, the river system of the Parana, the Paraguay, the Rio Negro. Volume of the aquarium for such zichlin need from 300 to 500 liters.
Water parameters: pH 6.0-8.0, temperature 22-28°C. of Course required aeration, filtration, regular water changes (weekly 30%). Particular attention should be paid to the filter – it should be powerful (not superfluous second filter). The aquarium can be decorated with large stones and driftwood, decor should not be sharp.

Haplochromis spinner
predatory fish cichlid knife
Has the territorial nature and jealous “advanced” on its territory. Dlinnorylye cichla catches on various shiny objects. In skirmishes with other fish is thrown on the eye, for which he received the nickname “the eater of eyes”. These fish in nature are ferocious killers.
Comfortable water parameters: temperature 25-27°C, dH 8-20°, pH 7,5–8,5. aeration, filtration, weekly changes ? parts water fresh with the same parameters.

aquatic predators, piranha
Piranha predators are armed literally to the teeth. The plate and teeth sharp as a razor. The jaws of the piranha fish is powerful, the adult may chew on a wooden stick thick as a human finger.
It is worth noting that aquarium piranhas lose their natural aggressiveness, while retaining its fearsome appearance. But the fear of the people this is not lost.
Piranhas are schooling aquarium fish, so it is better to have a flock of 5-8 fish of the same size and age.

aquarium predatory catfish
These catfish are not just predators, and “cruel killers”. In their homeland, in Asia they are destroying all the fish that is in the reservoir, and when no one remains, they crawl out onto land and crawl to the nearest new reservoir for the “new victim”, and at the same time, on land eating Popeye “arm” insects and small frogs. We must pay tribute – in the aquarium these catfish behave much calmer.

Tetradon aquarium hishnik
Fish is not easy to live with a quarrelsome nature, aggressive. Contain tetragona you with large mobile fishes. Some authors recommend to keep this a fish only aquarium species.
For flocks of tetragonal need a large volume tank of 150 liters. Fish leads a crepuscular lifestyle, and shun bright light. So the aquarium is equipped with many rocks, caves, driftwood, and floating plants.

predatory fish worm
At the end of the article, give an example that illustrates the rapacity of any living being, even the most innocuous.
Akantoftalmus – small loaches fish-worm. Peace harmless inhabitant of the aquarium bottom. But…. in nature, if acanthophthalmus catch carnivore of medium size, a sharp spike will cause him to immediately spit it out and remember this striped fish. Large poultry or catfish often swallow acanthophthalmus entirely. What, then very sorry!!! Little fish breaks through the wall of the stomach of the animal, and sometimes goes out. Gourmand predator killing.
The struggle for life, alas, makes many to be predators and cold-blooded murderers. And the world aquarium fish – this is just the base for fighting for the life and procreation.

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