Correct Feeding Of Aquarium Fish

Let’s say you have a aquarium and live fish, their good development and reproduction will be real only when complete and varied feeding. The ideal food for all aquarium fish is that fish consume in the wild. In their natural habitat, different species of fish eat different food based on the age, habitat conditions.

Different fish species fed plant food, other animals, others can absorb both animal and plant food.

In nature it is extremely rare to see as the fish is feeding.

As mentioned above, the nature of the food fishes are divided into three types: carnivorous, herbivorous and carnivorous. Herbivorous fish is a fish – vegetarians. They prefer a diet of aquatic plants. The second type of fish – carnivorous – they eat invertebrates. Well, the predatory fish feed on smaller species of fish and animals. But even herbivorous fish do not stop occasionally feed on small fish species.

Juveniles of different species of fish begin to feed in the period from several days to several weeks from the time of hatching from their eggs. Food becomes a variety of microorganisms, for example the smallest algae, protozoa aquatic organisms. After a while, stronger fish eat the crustaceans. Only poslevoennogo maturation or the fish becomes herbivorous, or carnivorous, or predatory.

And various types of fish feed. Some types of fish take food from the surface of the water, others eat in the Central layers, others were looking for food on the bottom.

Struggle for food defines the habits of the fish. If food is scarce, then comes the intraspecific and interspecific struggle for food.

The greater the fish, the more feed she needs.

It is believed that a well-underfeeding of fish than to overfeed. This is extremely wrong. Fish should be fed regularly and to receive a portion of high quality food. The amount of food differs and depends on the type of fish and conditions. It all depends on the conditions of fish habitat.

Any inhabitant in the aquarium will feel more favourable, if the food is diverse, containing all the vital substances.