Aquarium fish wholesale, delivery

For a long time, our company is engaged in breeding and wholesale aquarium fish from all over the world. Our fish have been successfully supplied to most cities of Ukraine.

Strong position on the market, we guarantee the quality and healthy fish of their own breeding, perfectly matched the conditions for its content, starting from the optimal parameters of the water, ending with a proper diet and lots of live nutritious food.

We can provide You various kind of services: from consultation and assistance in the selection of a particular aquarium fish, or forage for it, and to sell and deliver your goods in any convenient way at any convenient time.

We are interested to cooperate with wholesale buyers, however, may sell some species of aquarium fish and retail.

In addition to all of the offered range of products, we can also deliver for you fish, if it is missing in our catalog. It is enough to contact us the way convenient for You.

All our fish are subject to thorough daily inspection, which eliminates the possibility of getting sick or unhealthy fish. Quality live and frozen foods, as well as conditions of feeding and a varied diet, give You a chance to get strong,healthy, bright and interesting aquarium fish.

Aquarium inhabitants, held by us, provided with everything necessary for a full and healthy content. So rack shelves, which contain aquariums, equipped turbonagrevatelejj elements, to heat and stabilize the temperature in each aquarium. In every established aquarium filtration and aeration of aquarium water, which provides and maintains its settings. Aquariums contain soil, plants, shelter, necessary for life young and healthy fish. The approach to each fish is unique, which ensures rapid and healthy growth, as well as nullifies the probability of premature death or stress.

Our company is:

quality service; individual approach to each client; wide range: the set of positions of aquarium fishes, aquarium invertebrates, frozen food and accessories for fish; wholesale supply inhabitants of the aquarium; constantly updated range of products; sale of goods in stock or made to order; best quality at an affordable price for You; healthy and colorful aquarium fish; consultation . about the selected product.

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