Encyclopedia of aquarium – fish tanks, plants, care, feeding, keeping and breeding aquarium fish

My aquarium fishes – a complete version of the electronic encyclopedia aquarist in Russian. Detailed, colorfully illustrated guide that will be extremely useful to all beginning hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts of this fascinating magic world of aquariums and aquarium fish.

Short description:

My Pets. Fish – very simple and easy to use electronic directory, the most detailed way all aspects of painting and the correct selection conditions of the aquarium are given detailed names and descriptions of aquarium fish, the rules of their content and nutrition, the necessary conditions that need to be created for the health and reproduction of each species aquarium fishes, plants, snails, and other aquatic animals.

The encyclopedia contains three main sections – “the Aquarium theory”, “Tips for beginners” section and for “Experienced hobbyists”. In turn, each of the sections are very well divided into subsections, each of which is fully, in great detail and comprehensively deals with precisely the question to which it is devoted.

By following the clear instructions given in the encyclopedia, even the most novice beginner will be able to choose and properly equip your own tank, easy to pick up and settle it sovmestimye other types of aquarium fish and algae, to decorate your aquarium with plants, shells and other necessary for the health of the fish devices.

Well, well-illustrated descriptions and advice that will be equally useful for beginners and experienced aquarists in a very accessible and understandable form will teach you not just to properly care for any underwater creatures, but also to create for them so cozy and comfortable environment that your Pets will love them to live and successfully reproduce.

If you prefer the computer versions of the aquariums, on the pages “Interesting program, live Wallpapers and screensavers for desktop” download free animated Wallpaper and screensavers best on this (aquarium) theme.