Catfish recipes cooking

Catfish is a large predator in our waters. His body is long, covered with small scales; the head is huge. In the mouth of small but very sharp teeth. In the upper jaw are a pair of long catfish mustache, and the bottom four UCA is shorter than the upper. Catfish can swallow prey which is sometimes little inferior to him in weight and volume. But most often, his food is bottom-dwelling small fish, crayfish and shellfish.

On sale usually arrives in catfish meat fillets. And cooking catfish recipes has a large number of, ways of cooking different. Mostly we cook at home dishes from the catfish fried in oil or baked in the oven with vegetables. Turns out very tasty catfish dishes that are prepared with fruit or spicy sauce.

Who has not tried catfish meat, does not even suspect, what he delicious meat. Catfish is a large predatory fish, but not many people know that the most delicious meat have fish of small size. And recipes with catfish of large sizes, limited only by meatballs, because a large catfish meat hard. Since ancient times in Russia were popular dishes from the catfish is from the tail of this huge fish, cooked fish cakes, fish pies and pies. In our country, the cooking of catfish has always been considered something special.

A relative of the catfish is the black catfish, who now lives in southern and Central Italy. Channel catfish have long been accustomed in England. These small, hardy and unpretentious, but tasty catfish are distributed primarily in southern Russia and in America. 35 cm – average length of catfish. This fish has no small bones, so brushing her is not difficult. From catfish fillet meals for a daily ration, and food for the holiday table.

Dishes from catfish and the recipe of its preparation are highly valued by many chefs. Because almost all the dishes are quick and easy in its preparation. And such delicacy, like smoked catfish no one will refuse to treat yourself and the taste will be appreciated by everyone. How to cook catfish just taste better, in this section of the site.