Popular fishing

Venezuela is one of the best and most visited places for sport fishing in the world. Here is a great opportunity, both for marine and for freshwater fishing.

Freshwater fishing

Based on the opinions of most anglers, the best fishing occurs in Venezuela on lake Guri. Lake Guri is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world (about 175 km long and 48 km wide). It appeared in the construction of a dam on the river Caroni, a tributary of the great Orinoco. Favorable ecological situation and perfect conditions for fish to have made this place very popular among fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Of special interest on the lake is fishing in a strong and aggressive tropical peacock bass pavón (average specimen weighs about 5 kg) and predatory fish Paru – distant relative of the piranha that inhabit the Amazon and Orinoco.

Another popular fishing spot in Venezuela is located in the district of waterfalls ARIMA (river Paragua), in the state of Bolivar in South-East of the country. Here you catch Paro and Aymara. It was here that they caught the largest specimen of Para (weight was 17.8 kg) and thus set a world record IGFA. The best time for fishing is from January to may.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing in Venezuela available all year round along the entire coast of the country, but the most interesting and popular places of the sea hunting in the country is an archipelago of Los Roques, Rio Chico, the coast of La Guaira.

The archipelago Los Roques national Park, located 168 km from the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean. Since 1972 the Islands are protected by the state, a daily service of nature protection issued a total of 12 licenses for fishing in the region, which allows to maintain fishery resources at a high level and to avoid excessive accumulation of fishermen. Today Los Roques is considered a Mecca for hunting the silver fish W – Albula (eng. Bonefish). Quiet lagoons and coral reefs of the archipelago are also home to a large number of fish such as Barracuda, Tarpon, grouper, king mackerel, Wahoo, permit, tuna, snook, Karang, blue Marlin, sailfish, Dorado.

Fishing is either aboard small boats, or on the legs with sand bars.

Rio Chico (or Laguna Tacarigua) – another national Park on the Northern coast of Venezuela. A huge number of fishing enthusiasts from all over the world are attracted here hunting for predatory and aggressive fish Tarpon and snook.

On the North coast of Venezuela, just 40 km from Caracas is La Guaira is one of the most popular places for sea fishing for blue and white Marlin, and fish-Parusnik, Dolphin, Wahoo, tuna and Dorado. The fishing is available all year round but the best time for catching white Marlin is from August to November, blue Marlin – January and may.

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