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Breeding aquarium fish has long ceased to be a children's hobby or adult hobby. Keep an aquarium at home or at work nice and prestigious. Design of aquariums and their…

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The main methods of intensification of pond fish farms are feeding fish and fertilizing ponds with increased stocking density of fish per unit water area. Natural forage base of the…

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Most dangerous animals in the world

On our planet a few million living beings. Some of them are quite harmless to humans and even are his favorites. But there is a category of living creatures that are dangerous to humans. In tenth place small frogs that live mainly in Africa. They secrete on their skin secretes toxic venom, which when injected into the blood causing the arrhythmia, and with a weak heart may even stop it. A year is fixed to 10 deaths.

9. Sharks (great white, tiger, bull, etc.) — this well-known terrible sea beast is not even among the top five most dangerous. All because a year is fixed, only about 100 attacks on humans, and only 10-15% of them end in death.

8. Poisonous jellyfish. The body size of these species not exceeding 15 cm but poisonous tentacles can reach 4 meters. According to scientists, the adult jellyfish can kill up to 20-30 people.

King of beasts lion occupies only 7th place. The victims of these animals be no more than 100 people a year.

6. Crocodiles. If a person falls into the jaws of an adult animal, to escape he has no chance. The bite force of different species can reach up to 2500 kg. additionally, even if the danger of the crocodile does not let go its prey, and tries to drag her under the water. Official data shows that in the year from these animals pogibayut 1000 to 3000 people.

The five most dangerous animals snakes open. Per year recorded over 100,000 bites of poisonous snakes, most of them fatal. Among the most dangerous creeping — Cobra, Viper, EFA, cruel and rattlesnakes.

4. Spiders. Black widow, tarantulas — in addition to poisonous bites, these insects can also serve as carriers of sleeping sickness. A year from their arms, killed about half a million people.

3. Mosquitoes. Only in Africa, the Anopheles mosquito kills in a year more than a million people, spreading malaria.

2nd place is given to the smallest insect flies. They are the most important vectors of diseases. But the most dangerous of them — the fly-eater Larva Man Bot Fly. The adult lays larvae under the skin of a man who literally alive eats away at our living being, which can lead to death.

Well, who in the first place? The most dangerous thing for human living creature — man himself. The number of deaths caused by his conduct or omission exceeds all what was written above.

Marine aquarium
A saltwater aquarium, unlike freshwater aquarium, is designed to content of different marine life. In addition, these aquariums are much more interesting and beautiful. The disadvantage of marine aquariums is…


Encyclopedia of aquarium - fish tanks, plants, care, feeding, keeping and breeding aquarium fish
My aquarium fishes - a complete version of the electronic encyclopedia aquarist in Russian. Detailed, colorfully illustrated guide that will be extremely useful to all beginning hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts…

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