The most amazing inhabitants of the water depths of the world

1. Fish-drop

One of the most remarkable inmates of the depths. Her look is so not attractive, and bizarre. As a rule, fish-drop lives at depths of 600-800 meters. There were also instances that prefer more extreme depths, namely 1,200 meters.

Prefer to live off the coast of Australia and Tasmania.

This fish is endangered. It is very actively caught and sold by fishermen. Of course, not palatability attract customers, and its unusual appearance.

The fish-drops no muscles, it is composed entirely of a gelatinous mass which density is close to water. It is this anatomical feature allows fish to swim at great depths without spending a large amount of energy.

This fish eats everything that floats by. Generally, its diet consists of molluscs and various.

2. Sea urchin

Some of the oldest animals. They inhabit the Earth more than 500 million years. Today there are about a thousand species of sea urchins. They are divided into two large groups, called: right and wrong.

For the right group of hedgehogs a distinctive rounded body shape. Wrong have a flat body. A characteristic feature of sea urchins is the large number of sharp needles of varying lengths. The length varies from 20 to 30 centimeters.Needles are the main tool for sea urchin, which ensures a complex protection, nutrition, movement and, of course, a cute appearance.

3. Bollerot

This fish lives off the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at great depths, namely from 1,000 to 3,000 meters. Long, narrow body is a characteristic feature of bollerot. This fish superficially similar to eels. Because of the large mouth Ballarat is also reminiscent of a Pelican, so he has a second name – fish-Pelican. Interestingly, the body has bollerot at the end of a luminous element. Due to its giant dimensions bollerot jaws can swallow prey that exceeds the size of him.

4. Mesaglut

This fish can be found at depths up to 3000 meters. Lives in tropical waters. Its name muscoplat received with the ability to swallow fish several times more. In the stomach of mesopota produce large quantities of gas, due to which fish rises.

5. The Smallmouth macropinna

The second name – packages. An amazing fish which has a transparent head. Because of this she can see the environment and their prey eyes that are located inside the head.

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