The fish of the sea cock

Gurnard – sea predatory fish that lives in warm seas around the world. Fish contained in the aquarium. However, for correct content you need to know the specifics of its behavior and power.


Fish of unusual shape. It has quite a large head and a long body. Head is bone plates. The pectoral fins are in the expanded form are fan-shaped. Modified rays of the pectoral fins form a kind of feet with which sea cock moves along the bottom. The color of fish is bright, dominated by red, blue, green. Especially brightly colored pectoral fins. For such a bright color the fish and got its name.

The content in the aquarium

Fish necessary for a large aquarium, the amount of which shall be not less than 100 litres per individual. Water temperature – not less than 25 degrees. Gurnard is a thermophilic fish.

In the natural environment of the fish hiding in the thickets of seaweed, or buries itself in the sand at the edge of the bottom of the forest, so in the aquarium to create similar conditions. At the bottom of the planted seaweed, arrange the grottoes and sandy glades. The fish of the sea the rooster can jump over the water, so the aquarium top covered with glass. About water chemistry, circulation and purification it is necessary to consult a specialist.


Gurnard – fish-predator. In nature it feeds on crustaceans, molluscs, worms and fish. Be fed only live food. It may be small fish, river, or marine shrimp larvae. Try to diversify the menu. Monotony in the diet can lead to complete refusal of feed. Digestion sea-cock so arranged that the fish eats a lot at one meal, followed by a prolonged break. So fed rooster fish aquarium twice a week.

When the content of a sea cock in the home aquarium, usually there are no problems. Fish disease-resistant. The main thing is to maintain the necessary condition of the water. For the sea cock is necessary to observe the mode of filtration and aeration of water. Fish is very beautiful and unusual, it is interesting to observe. In nature gurnard listed in the Red book.