Marine aquarium

MARINE AQUARIUM, a vessel for keeping marine animals and plants. Is usually large in size (200 litres), as its inhabitants usually larger than the inhabitants of freshwater aquariums.

Compared to freshwater marine aquarium is more time-consuming in use, since the secret of the successful maintenance of marine fish is the maintenance of conditions corresponding to their natural habitat. Often contain well-dressed inhabitants of tropical coral reefs. It is interesting to contain cold-water marine life. Such an aquarium should be in the summer especially cool.

Sea water is prepared artificially by division or from commercially available ready mixes for marine aquariums. It must have a salinity of 30-35‰, pH of 8.0 to 8.4, temperature depending on the content types. You need a constant control of temperature, pH, density (measured by hydrometer) and water salinity. Most dangerous is the accumulation of toxins in the water due to protein contamination. To combat protein contamination need a strong filtration system and water reclamation, as well as weekly substitution is not less than a quarter of the fresh water well preferirana water of the same density. The destruction of proteins contribute to aquarium lighting UV lamps and ozonation of water. Primenjajutsja special tools — catchers protein.

A saltwater aquarium requires intense lighting, which is necessary for normal growth of algae. Illumination should be organized on the basis of 1 W per 1 cm2. For decorating aquarium use pieces of tuff that mimic rocks, coral, sea shell. Enliven the scenery of different invertebrates — sea anemones, sea worms, crabs and other animals. The substrate is marine sand fill, and on top of it — coral chips. When selecting fish you need to consider that better together types with similar dimensions, similar in behavior and habitat conditions. It’s better if they float at different levels. The population of the aquarium is made 1 cm length of fish for 5-8 liters of water. Some marine fish require specialized aft, such as sponges, algae, corals. The content of such fish in an aquarium is difficult, as they often waive any and all substitutes for natural food. Others, such as angelfish (they feed on sponges) and butterfly fish (feed on polyps) caught very young in the aquarium, accustomed to eating live or frozen krill, meat with added cooked vegetables. Currently there are brand ready to feed, replacing most of the usual fish feed. Under favorable conditions, some fish breed, but breeding is a challenge, due to the high requirements for feed and water.

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