The variety of aquarium fish
What sizes, shapes and colors do not exist in nature among the inhabitants of the underwater world! To date there are over two thousand known species of fish, and how…

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Sea, river and lake fish
We all know that water is life. Without water can't live no living creature. And the first life originated in water. Fish one of the many live organisms living in…

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The Sevastopol marine aquarium

Group decorative landscape modeling Sevastopol marine aquarium professionally engaged in the creation of artificial landscapes for zoo – and water parks, aquarium and Museum exhibits. Our group also has extensive experience in the application of simulations of rocks, waterfalls, caves, ancient ruins, etc. for decorating the surrounding areas, walls, swimming pools and interior decoration.

Group decorative landscape modelling was established in 1994 to perform work on the creation of a new exposition at the reconstruction of one of the halls of the Sevastopol Marine Aquarium. In the result were designed and built scenery simulating landscapes of the habitats of animals, on display in the Aquarium.

During its existence (about 15 years) our group has implemented several major projects. These include the complex “the bears continent” in the Kiev zoo, where he created a simulated rocky landscape with waterfalls and a stream, and the exhibition “Karst cave” in the building of the Water information center in the Park downtown.

To create the simulations used reinforced polymer concrete, allowing the reproduction of landscape elements (rocks, trees, waterfalls, etc.) of any complexity. Each product is created based on the original sketch. When modeling artificial landscapes we use sliesoriunas materials and proven technologies that, in combination with manual final finishing and personal touch to the coloring, make each product unique features.

Special additives and materials to make our decorations resistant to any climatic conditions, give them water resistance and high strength, allowing it not to lose performance even in sea water. Polymer decorations are perfectly combined with live plants, which, due to the peculiarities of manufacturing technology design, can be placed in special niches and containers. It allows you to finally give the product a natural look and create it in Your Park or winter garden a truly exotic place.

We offer you our considerable practical experience in creating simulations of natural landscapes and their elements for the decoration of internal spaces and objects located outdoors.

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New species of fascinating animals
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