Catfish: aquarium species

Almost all members of the family of catfish unpretentious, so they are recommended even for beginner aquarists. But still some features to care for them.

In a group of catfish includes more than 200 species of fish, but in the aquarium you can hold not all members of this family. This is due to the physiological characteristics of individual species.

Some catfish in adulthood reach an impressive size, so they begin to pose a danger to small inhabitants of the aquarium. In addition, there are breeds which differ quite aggressive in nature, so they too are not suitable for keeping with other fish.

Popular species of catfish

Of course, you can only breed catfish, but the majority of aquarists prefer to choose peaceful members of this large family that they get along with other Pets.

The most popular species suitable for aquarium rearing are:

speckled catfish;

Golden catfish;

glass catfish;

All these species are compact in size and completely unaggressive. In addition, they clean the walls and bottom of the aquarium from plaque and debris.

Speckled catfish

Craptastic is the most popular of the whole family. Usually his coloring is brown with dark spots. But there are also catfish-albino. This variety of fish is absolutely undemanding to food and the environment. They react to temperature changes in the aquarium water. In addition, the ability to acquire oxygen from the air, thrive in the aquarium without special equipment.

The marbled catfish is fairly peaceful. It can be kept with small fish neons, guppies, barbs. The only thing you have to care – about the shelter. Speckled catfish do not like bright lighting, so in the aquarium definitely need to plant more seaweed or put on the bottom of the driftwood, a big shell.

Golden catfish

Golden catfish in size and character very similar to speckled. A distinctive feature of these colors is the presence of shiny gold stripes on the side. In addition, the tail and the fins have yellow coloring. From a distance the fish look Golden shimmer. Due to this and the catfish got its name.

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