The food chain, Sea

“Natural systems” – Global. The continents and oceans. Zonal natural complexes. Savannah. The natural areas. Climate. Taiga. Major. The lower part of the atmosphere. Flora. The Arctic desert. “Component”-in translation from Latin means “a constituent part of a whole”. J. Lamarck. Mixed and wide kristenye forest. The whole biosphere.

“Diversity of organisms” – Plants. HOMEWORK: PREPARE FOR WRITTEN TEST EXAMINATION OF THE ENTRIES IN THE NOTEBOOK. 2. Aquatic environment (fish, shellfish, seaweed, whales, jellyfish, etc.). Viruses. 4. Land-air-water (waterfowl, dragonflies, mosquitoes, etc.). 3. Terrestrial-aquatic (amphibians, crocodiles, marine turtles, etc.).

“Habitat” organisms – Each organism adapted to life in a particular environment. Environment – the conditions surrounding the organism. Distinguish between land– air, water and soil environment. Adaptations of plants. Well developed organs: root, stem, leaves, etc. Adaptations for pollination: bright color of flowers, the fragrance of Fixtures to maintain moisture.

“Soobshestva organisms” – Animals of the water column. Coastal plants of the pond. Groups of organisms in natural communities. Mammals of the waters. To get acquainted with the communities of pond and lake, with living organisms dwelling in these communities. Pond and lake natural communities. Animals – inhabitants of the bottom of the reservoir. Herbivorous animals of the pond.

“Community field” – Squirrel, hedgehog, pine boar, Fox. Objectives: Legumes (beans, beans, peas). Application for assessment: to Test ourselves. Cereal (wheat, rye, oats). To prove the necessity of the natural community. Group work – 2 points. Find these answers in the table. Work with the test sheet – 2 points. Violet, Dahlia, saffron, wheat, rose.

“Natural community of the lake” – Vats. Slap on the leaves of aquatic plants restless frog.(Squats). The message about the carp, the pike. Tandav. Reports of plants of the reservoir. Goodbye breathe nice fresh air of the lake and back at their desks. The word “lake” is the key in crossword. Lake. Which of the numerous ponds in our area?