Types of aquarium fish
The aquarium in the sense of the population should be a little "underutilized". Learn how many centimeters to grow those fish, which you have chosen for contents, and make a…

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The variety of aquarium fish
What sizes, shapes and colors do not exist in nature among the inhabitants of the underwater world! To date there are over two thousand known species of fish, and how…

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The aquarium is the best decoration at home and office

The conditions of human life in the metropolis is very far from its natural habitat. Stress, nervosa, depression are an integral part of residents ‘ life. But what else to expect from things like traffic jams, crowding in the subway, outdoor advertising aggressively and journalists hyping crap up to the global crisis? Look from behind the curtained window of the apartment building onto the street. If you pushed the shutter, so here is another apartment building, “seashells”, the cars in the yard and rubbish bins.

The aquarium is primarily beautiful. Many believe that it is also unnecessary waste of resources, and a lot of hassle. But this is not always the case.

Use aquariums not only that they are pleasing to the eye. For example, in the office aquarium will accentuate the individuality of the owner, will show that taking care of living beings alien to him. Moreover, in the middle of a hard day contemplation peacefully floating fish helps you relax. Doctors say that looking at the inhabitants of the aquarium helps to normalize blood pressure.

A lot of design opportunities opens the aquarium in the residential interior design. First of all, this concerns decisions on the division of space into zones with an open plan:the aquarium can divide the living room and dining room, bedroom and office.

It can also play the role of the architectural dominants in the interior, decorated in any style – from minimalism to hi-tech. In the interior on the marine theme (whether it’s a fish restaurant or an office a La the captain’s cabin) the aquarium is simply irreplaceable. But if the interior is designed in the tradition of Scandinavian minimalism, open aquarium in conjunction with an artificial waterfall will not only delight the eye, but also to humidify the air.

In addition to decorative, the aquarium has educational functions. Let’s say a child, participating in the care of aquarium fish, accustomed to discipline. In addition, for children, the aquarium is a good educational tool for ecology, Zoology and botany.

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