The Chinese carp is found in its original form in Korea, China and Japan. This crucian carp in nature has a Golden hue, especially in shallow, well warmed by the sun waters. Goldfish as a domesticated form of carp, judging by some reports, developed in Korea where, apparently for the first time, these taking advantage of the variability of carp in coloration and body shape, engaged in the culture of ornamental carp. Genuine development (in some exotic species) goldfish reached in the Eastern countries.

Bred goldfish in ponds and garden ponds in the estates of the nobility and wealthy people. Further spread of the goldfish was facilitated by itinerant hawkers. In buckets on the rocker arms they carried the fish through towns and villages. Thus goldfish broke into the homes of ordinary people. Fish were kept in wooden, glass and porcelain vessels, which are the predecessors of modern domestic aquaria. This popularity and widespread fishes contributed to the successful breeding of various breeds, striking beauty, forms and colouring, be sure to see the photos of goldfish.

Modern varieties of goldfish, in which it is difficult to know her ancestor, crucian carp, the most vivid way indicate the possibility of transformation of nature by man by changing the conditions of keeping and feeding and application of artificial selection.

In Russia villatalla fish imported in the mid-eighteenth century. Domestic these in the late XIX and early XX century, successfully continued work on improvement of forms and colors of some of its varieties.

There are several main varieties of goldfish. Ordinary goldfish differs from the carp, which resembles the shape, color and greater resistance to the conditions of life in the aquarium. Different instances fish have color from Golden yellow to pure red. Fish easy to tame. It is characterized by high fecundity.

The Latin name for goldfish is carassius auratus.

Goldfish very often contain pools parks and gardens. The content of goldfish in aquariums is quite difficult, but possible, like breeding goldfish.

Sometimes goldfish called Asian arowana . but this is because of their space cost (more than $10,000).

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