The construction of ponds for fish farming
The pond is an artificial pond created for fish breeding. For the construction of ponds it is best to use natural depressions, such as depressions and gullies. It is preferable…

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Diving on the Great Barrier reef
P the trip for the whole day accompanied by a guide. Two dives including all diving equipment and lunch. Every day three of the 45 possible sites this area has…

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The rest of the “Marine aquarium”

Sometimes after a hard working week want of some special guests. Is it possible to have a rest so that on Monday happy to go to work? Not an easy task, which is only two days, and some even less.

In Moscow really is a place where you can really relax and have fun. In the middle of it is “Marine aquarium on Clean ponds”. Here you can come with the whole family, because everyone regardless of age will find something interesting. Especially here like children. impressions is enough for a month of conversations.

Original stay in “Marine aquarium”, you can start with an introduction to a giant Moray eel, lurking in his cave and trapping the prey, and you can enjoy a more peaceful inhabitants of the aquarium — colorful tropical fish.

In “the Marine aquarium” a collection of the most beautiful, unusual, amazing and incredible creatures, found in all four oceans, the seas and rivers all over the planet. Quite familiar, familiar to every fish in the aquarium with the biosphere of the Russian river are combined on one side with the bloodthirsty piranhas from the Amazon, and the other with fish-lion fish-urchin and the other the most interesting fish and crustaceans of the Indian ocean.

Here you will see the oldest creatures on the planet have not changed over tens and hundreds of millions of years.Now they look the same as when their ancestors swam under the belly of the dinosaurs. The Nautilus shell is very beautiful, hard to find at least two equally colored.

If you can’t wait to see something really interesting, take some courage and go in a circular 25-metre bathyscaphe with a pack of sharks. The traffic here does not stop for a moment — sharks black comets are worn behind the glass, drilling the men dark looks. Why are they happy, if they are fed only twice a week? Don’t miss this show: scenes of hunting sharks, the age of those huge monsters millions of years ago, bringing terror to all, with tail, fins and gills, separated by a transparent glass.

The aquarium is an interesting place for the connoisseurs. Contemplation coral garden soothes and relieves nervous tension. All aquariums have a similar effect. This is exactly what you need after a hard week to refresh yourself and recharge your batteries for work.

Speaking of corals. Coral reefs in the ocean grow to giant size, an authentic underwater gigapolis inhabited by countless fish, molluscs, jellyfish and algae. The Oceanarium is a real piece of reef in an aquarium with a capacity of 20 tons.

And to walk around the aquarium was not only interesting, but also informative, on each tank there is a plate with details about all the fish that live in it. Guided tours, booklets are distributed.

New species of fascinating animals
17 more than 650 new species of marine life discovered by scientists during the international project "Census of marine life" . In different corners of our planet with the help…


Aquarium fish wholesale, delivery
For a long time, our company is engaged in breeding and wholesale aquarium fish from all over the world. Our fish have been successfully supplied to most cities of Ukraine.…

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