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Sea catfish

Catfish – fish is very useful for those who first starts the aquarium. They are known for their ability to eat up leftover food and thus help clean the aquarium. In addition, these fish are hardy and live long enough.

However, you need to keep in mind that catfish today there are so many. And they differ in their way of life and type of food.

These fish live in nature in almost all continents and in all oceans, with the exception, perhaps, are the only areas of the poles.

The majority of the specimens of this species in the aquarium live in the lower layers of water closer to the bottom. There they hide and feed.

The body color of the fish is not bright, this is due to the natural need of concealment. They near the mouth opening there are antennae that gave the second name of this species (fish the cat).

But the size they can be different. From very small that will easily fit in any aquarium, to a huge that can decorate a pool. Therefore, buying a catfish, to accurately determine, not whether it will be a couple of months too big for the aquarium.

Another problem may be the favorite diet of this fish.

The fact that they are all omnivorous . And, although some subspecies are so absorbed in their benthic existence that do not want to be interested in the problems of other layers of water, others are quite capable to swallow not only fry, but the fish is not larger species (such as guppies).

We should not expect any fish or snails will do for the aquarist his work. The aquarium still have to clean, as well as its walls. And catfish, which in nature like to swarm in the mud, rather will raise the dregs from the bottom. You should not be surprised.

These fish are normally nocturnal. Also under natural conditions they usually hide under the driftwood, or amongst stones in grassy thickets. So to see them is quite difficult. You can not even guess that they still live in the aquarium.

All fish of this species are ikromechuschie. However, the special problems of breeding and fry rearing at the most common types of catfish usually does not occur. The fry are born large.

Another feature of most subspecies is the ability to swallow atmospheric air. Therefore, when the transport they need to provide access to fresh air.

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