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The underwater world of the red sea

Egypt even novice travelers associated with the beauty of the underwater world of the red sea. The red sea is perhaps one of the most beautiful and richest seas concerning the number and variety of species of fish that live in it.

More than a thousand of various species of fishes and about 150 species of corals are residents of the red sea.

The local population of Egypt appreciates and protects its national heritage. For causing harm to the inhabitants of the underwater world, the perpetrator will have to pay a fine of enormous size.

It is the desire to dive and go diving in the Red sea is the cause of so many tourists desire to go on vacation in Egypt . Connoisseurs and lovers of the underwater world all year round can enjoy the beauty of the deep sea, even in the winter months the sea temperature does not fall below +21 ° C .

Colorful coral reefs stretch along the coast and delight vacationers at resorts in Egypt, even while snorkeling, allowing you to sail far from the coast.

Fish in the Red sea are so different and colorful that cause a storm of applause and emotions in tourists of any age. If you can’t swim no problem! Fish are observed so close to shore, standing on the pier you can see the flashing shoals of passing podagricomela.

It is worth noting that the underwater world of the red sea is not only beauty and views to admire, but also a potential danger to humans, in rare cases leading to death. In order to stay on the Red sea and the acquaintance with all the beautiful fish went without any unpleasant consequences should follow a few safety measures:

Enter the water only in special shoes;

Don’t swim at night;

Do not touch anything or anyone in the water!

So. consider the inhabitants of the underwater world of the red sea in more detail, of particular interest to tourists.

Often inattentive or too curious tourists suffer from sea urchins – fishes whose bodies are covered with long and sharp needles.

A favorite habitat of these fish is shallow water or coral reefs, where the customers and become their victims.

The needles of most of these underwater inhabitants are poisonous.

Stepping on this urchin, you can get a foot injury, the pain which does not pass within a few hours, because the needle breaks off and remains in the body until, until it is withdrawn therefrom, and this is very problematic and time consuming.

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