Predatory and peaceful fish

Carnivorous (lat. Carnivora — “flesh-eating”) is a detachment of the placental mammals ( Mammalia ), consisting of sub-units dog-like family ( Caniformia ) and maskoobraznym ( Feliformia ). 11 modern families of prey contain about 270 species in 110 genera and are distributed almost worldwide. The vast majority of the squad are classic carnivores, hunting mainly vertebrates. Predatory sometimes is also divided into two groups that are very different from each other in their mode of life: terrestrial Carnivora ( Fissipedia ) and pinnipeds ( Pinnipedia )

Carnivora scientific name in Latin means “flesh-eating” and consists of two roots — caro (born. p. carnis ) ‘meat’ and vorare “devour, swallow”.

Many predatory eat not only meat. Bear ( Ursidae ) are opportunistic omnivores. some species such as the giant Panda and does specialize in plant nutrition. The small pandas, badgers, olingo, kinkajou, raccoons-Poloskov and raccoon dogs vegetarian food also makes up a significant, if not the main part of their menu. Hyenas and canids (wolves, coyotes, jackals, foxes) eat the melons on the melon fields and fallen to the ground fruit [ citation 740 days ]. Medieval Arab traveler Ibn Battuta in his memoirs describes sluchainaya pack of hyenas into the Parking lot of the caravan during transit through the Sahara desert — one of the hyenas had carried away the sack of dates and the most part ate [ citation 740 days ] .

At the same time, there are mammals that in Zoological classification does not belong to the order of prey, but hunt for food for other animals. This gray rats, hedgehogs, moles, shrews, some monkeys (baboons, chimpanzees), possums, armadillos and other [ citation 740 days ] .

Zoologists make no distinction between predatory (carnivorous) animals in the sense of specialization in nutrition and predatory as taksonomicheskoe unit (a taxon). In everyday speech “predatory” is often referred to as not only predatory mammals ( Carnivora ), but also all other modern and fossil carnivorous vertebrates, such as sharks. crocodiles. predatory birds and theropods .

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